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Shopping, Cosmos and Board Games



Last Sunday we decided to head to Nottingham for the day. We headed into Derby city centre to look for a Game store first as o2 Priority Moments was doing a free Skylander deal and I couldn’t pass that up. We checked the bus times before heading into the shopping mall. What I didn’t know was that if I entered the priority moment for the deal I only had 15 minutes to use it before it was invalid. The man in the shop only told me this after I’d clicked enter and after he told me they had actually run out of the characters from the deal. He told me where the next closest Game store was so I had a quick walk to it. I went in and luckily they had the characters. What was even luckier was that they let me use the deal because I had only 1 minute left on it before becoming invalid. That was a close call.


I was expecting the bus journey to take a while because it looked far away on the map but it actually only took about 20 minutes and we were able to get a group return ticket for £12 which was a pretty good price considering we were going into another city. We were lucky to have great weather the whole weekend too because it made shopping better. I mean, who wants to go shopping all day in the rain? We headed straight to Primark and ended up spending an hour and a half or so in there. There were so many shops to go to. Poor Chris ended up carrying all of my bags. He gave up and sat in the shopping centre while my friend and I continued to shop. I tried on so many clothes during the day but I actually only bought a few things during the trip to Nottingham. Before we knew it it was time to head back to Derby as we were meeting the newly married couple for dinner at Cosmos. Cosmos is an all you can eat restaurant with foods from around the world. We have one in Belfast but I’ve never been so I was keen to try out the different foods. Btw, I made sure I got my moneys worth and ate 7 plates worth of food. Chris couldn’t actually believe how much I ate. I even tried some crispy seaweed and Vietnamese chicken noodle soup. While I did see a lot of food that I wanted to try, I didn’t think the desserts were that great. Maybe it was because most of them were already gone and others had nuts in them so there wasn’t an awful lot I could pick from. Profiteroles, ice cream and fruit (which was too hard) were the only things I could really choose from.


After dinner we went to their house to play a board game called Settlers of Catan or something. In the game you have to pick an area on the board to set a town and two roads in the beginning and each area on the board has a number on it. If someone rolls a 6 and your town is on an area that says 6, you get to pick up a resource from that area e.g wood, wheat, sheep, ore. You need the resources to build roads and towns. You can also change your town into a city. Towns are worth 1 point and cities are worth 2. The first person to get to 10 points wins. There are also development cards you can use and you can win card for things such as ‘longest road’ which gives you 2 points. Once I got the hang of it I sat quietly calculating what moves I needed to make/what I needed to build to win, counting everyone else’s roads and points. I was lucky to be able to have the areas which I chose at the beginning of the game because I ended up getting a lot of resources quite easily and I won =]


It sounds like a simple game but it’s pretty long. We didn’t even realise how late it was until the game was over. Luckily, they drove us back to our hotel and we got back to our room around 1AM. I don’t even remember going to bed that night. I was out like a light. Obviously I ended up missing breakfast on the final morning because I slept in but I didn’t even need it anyway after the amount I’d eaten at the restaurant.


I’ll post again soon and I also have a giveaway coming up so keep a look out!


Byebye (^.^)/


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