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Shopping Results



As I have already mentioned, I spent a lot of time shopping in England. 2 days actually. We decided on shopping in the city centre on the last day a we had to bring our luggage with us so getting on a bus to somewhere further away would have been a pain.  Remember how I spent ages in Primark in Nottingham? Well, I went and spent another hour and a half to two hours in the Primark in Derby city centre. Overall I spent almost £200 in Primark alone. I think there were only 3 tops that weren’t from Primark. Since Chris and I were sharing a suitcase, I bought a bag for Chris to carry on so that our suitcase wouldn’t be over the weight limit. Even at that, I ended up putting things in my friends suitcase as well as filling my handbag. Here is what I bought:


IMG-20140709-WA0002 IMG-20140709-WA0001


I also bought nose studs at a market because I had lost mine that morning. That day I spent a lot more time sitting down as my friend wanted to look at material in the markets and I was tired. I did have a quick look around the stalls though because it was my first time at such big markets. Before going heading to the airport we took another look around the shopping mall. It was so huge that we couldn’t go into every shop but we did cover most of them. I made sure to find presents for Anton and Callum before we headed home. Anton wanted Ninjago so I spent ages looking for it. Thank goodness I found some in one of the last shops we went to. I had actually been looking for Bleach: Shattered Blade for the Wii because I knew he really wanted that game but it wasn’t in any of the Game shops so I had to give up on that idea. I brought the presents over to the boys on Wednesday night and they loved them. Anton loved his Ninjago so much that he wanted me to build them with him right then even though it was late. I made the first thing (a robot) quite quickly so my sister said he could go to bed after the other thing was built. What a mistake. It took hours. It had so many more pieces and by the end of it I couldn’t see properly. Anton didn’t go to bed until after midnight. He made sure to stay awake until it was finished and even helped me build parts of it. Now, the figures are sitting on the shelf in his room. It’s strange because that shelf had baby things on it like a blue teddy and little snow globes and a photo and suddenly its got Lego figures on it. It makes you realise just how fast he’s growing up. In other great news, Anton now has a blue cast on that lasts for 2 weeks and then he can be cast free!


2014-07-10 00.15.52 2014-07-09 21.08.04 erfsfasgfolhf2014-07-10 00.15.43   2014-07-09 22.37.21




Since I just love all my readers so much, I also bought a few things in England for a giveaway. I’ll host the giveaway in a few weeks because I’m already hosting a giveaway at the minute for Half A King by Joe Abercrombie. The closing date for that giveaway ends on 21st July so enter while you can!



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