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Oh Yes I Did




I know I had said that I wouldn’t buy anything now since I’m saving but look what I came across online. I had to have it.



2014-08-08 13.59.00



Seriously, it’s Attack on Titan. I absolutely love it. I had actually spotted it months ago but never bought it but then I found it being sold more cheaply on eBay and bought it then and there. I especially chose green so that I could feel like I was in the survey corps while I wore it. I’m such a wierdo. The day it arrived I actually went ‘squee’ a bit. Y’know what? It’s super comfy and just right for the in-between weather. I’m 100% glad that I bought it. Now I just need another season to be released so that I can watch Attack on Titan again. I doubt a second season will arrive any time soon though. Even so, I’ll wait for a second season instead of reading the manga. I’ve already spoiled a bit by finding out who the armoured titan is and got annoyed at myself for doing that so I definitely won’t try to find out anything else.


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