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International Giveaway



It’s finally time for the giveaway I have been trying to do for months. I bought everything when I was in England back at the beginning of July but since I was doing a couple of book reviews, I’ve held back on starting this giveaway.


The rules are simple:


  1. Comment on this post. You must do this in order to be entered.
  2. After commenting, feel free to like and share the giveaway. You will earn a bonus entry for each. So, if you comment, like and share, you will have 3 entries.


I will leave the giveaway open until 30/09/14



What’s the prize?


A bracelet, a cute pair of fashion socks, handy note pad and I guess you could call it a travel pouch with 3 compartments? Sorry I don’t know the proper name. You’ll see what I mean though from the photo:


2014-08-22 10.44.29



Good luck!


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