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…I’ve been working/applying to as many childcare jobs as I can so by the time I get to sit down I’m too tired to bother writing…and there isn’t really anything interesting to write about. However, today I came home from work and have time to sit about before going to pick up Chris from the station so, I’ve got a cup of tea and a popping candy Terrys chocolate orange (only ¬£1 in Asda atm!), ready to relax and type for a bit.


Yesterday I was feeling bored so I asked my friend if she fancied a walk. Usually I’d only think of going to Gosford or the lakes for a walk but she suggested a place called Loughall Park which I never even knew existed so I had to go. It had been cold and rainy in the morning but it cleared up just as we arrived. Basically, it’s a man made lake that looks like a foot and there’s a play park and golf area. It didn’t take that long to walk around but it is a lovely place to visit. My friend also informed me that there was another part you could walk up so we took a dander over after walking round the lake. Unfortunately there was a really steep hill to walk up to get there but it gave us a work out so it’s not all bad! Once we got to the top there was a lovely big house right in front of us. I wouldn’t mind living in it. I could just imagine maids walking about cleaning in it. Life of luxury or what. I can dream, eh? Here’s a few snapshots of the day:





2014-10-19 15.00.27 2014-10-19 15.45.18 2014-10-19 15.46.45 2014-10-19 15.47.02 2014-10-19 15.48.08 2014-10-19 15.51.45 2014-10-19 15.57.57 2014-10-19 16.02.45 2014-10-19 16.10.51 2014-10-19 16.11.11




The giant rhubarb and the little house at the entrance of the park reminds me of a fairy tale. So cute. While dropping her off, she invited me in for a bit so off we went on into her house for a chat. I ended up staying until 9:30PM! We didn’t even realise how much time had passed. We had a good catch up and talked about anime. It’s so nice to have a friend you can talk about anime to. Most people would think it’s strange if they heard me speak about it but with her there’s just a good chat and sharing opinions about certain episodes. Well, as it turns out, Sunday is her mothers day for baking. She came in and offered tea, of course I said yes please (diet is over. Don’t have time for that when there’s so many nice things to eat! Shame my jeans don’t have the same opinion) Anyway, she came in with a wee table and a plate with home made scones with home made jam, pavlova, apple tart and some biscuits. Such a lovely lady. She offered me second slices and everything but I restrained myself. Honestly, she is an amazing baker. I asked her how to make jam too and she even told me if I wanted any recipes she would give me them. Really, she is such a lovely lady and asked me all about work and how I got into schools so quickly and easily since I was only qualified a few months ago. She didn’t judge me when she came into the room and I was sitting cuddling and stroking a plushie that my friend had bought at Q-con. Thank goodness too. Awkward moment there but sure, ah well.

2014-10-19 18.36.512014-10-19 18.37.04


So cute and soft though. OK that’s it for now!



Byebye (^.^)/


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