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Tattoo Tights



Just a quick post today. I know I keep saying I won’t buy anything but a few weeks ago I decided to treat myself to some tattoo tights. I’ve wanted tattoos in the past but I don’t think I could ever sit and get one done so these are fine for me. I ordered 2 pairs from eBay. Coming from China, I thought they would take months to arrive. They did take about…2-3 weeks but that’s still pretty good. I can’t remember how much they were but they were pretty cheap. I decided to wear one of the pairs on Saturday when I was heading to my sisters for the day. At first, my sister looked when she saw them and asked when I’d gotten a tattoo/what it was on my leg/if I had drawn it on. Soon after, her 2 sons appeared. “Hi Nattie!” then when I showed them the design “Nice tattoo”. After that it was pretty much forgotten about. The tights are comfy and actually fitted the length of my legs which never happens because I’m short. The only thing is that I think they would rip easily. I’ll just have to be careful. Not exactly the easiest thing though when I’m playing and messing about with the boys. I ended up with a wellie boot covered in mud going right across them at one point. Ah well, the boys had fun so it doesn’t really matter.



2014-10-18 08.57.47 2014-10-18 08.57.11 2014-10-18 09.37.12



I’ll hopefully post again soon.



Byebye (^.^)/


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