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Lets Make Pizza



Since the success with playdough, I suggested making a pizza with Anton as he would be good with kneading the dough and it could be fun. He said yes straight away and we even wrote down our ‘promise’ to make it – signed and all!


Now, I’ve never made a pizza from scratch so I looked up videos on good old Youtube. ”Sure, it looks easy” I thought and went and got the ingredients. I mean, how hard could it be to mix a couple of things together?


Uh…a lot harder than you’d think. The recipe I’d used was simple:


  • 600g strong bread flour
  • ½ tsp dried yeast
  • 2 tbsp olive oil, plus extra for drizzling


Well, nothing happened when I mixed it. I ended up pouring in more oil, hoping it would start to stick together. Nothing. In the end I started chucking water in and everything. I did not have high hopes for this pizza. Both boys had fun mixing it and adding water though so at least something went well. Thankfully, the water seemed to work and it became a dough. I split it into 3 and off we went, kneading (and playing) with it for a while. I helped Callum a bit so that we could start rolling the dough out but he was happy enough to stick his finger in it and play. Well, whatever keeps him happy. Once we were all ready, we started to roll and were soon ready to add some sauce and toppings. I used passata sauce from Asda and grated cheese. Plain pizzas for us (in the safe zone – didn’t want to end up adding stuff they didn’t like). The pizza’s looked normal but I still wasn’t too sure of how they would taste so I cooked chips while the pizza’s cooked just to be safe. Guess what? They turned out alright. We ate a whole pizza or 2 between us as well as the chips. I think it’s the most I’ve seen Callum eat in a while. Maybe next time I’ll try making a stuffed crust pizza?


2014-11-05 16.57.20 edit 2014-11-05 16.57.10 edit2014-11-05 17.03.25 edit 2014-11-05 17.54.42


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