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Another Year Gone



Today it’s Antons birthday. Boy time flies. I can’t believe he’s now 5! He’s grown so much. He’s getting good at Super Mario games and knows way more than I do about some games already. I mightn’t get over to see him today but if that happens I’ll have to give him a call to sing happy birthday at least. I had asked a while ago what he wanted. His response? ”Can you make me more playdough for my birthday?” Such a cutie. I will do that for you any time you want sweetie. I decided to get him more Ninjago. I’ve been keeping him going about what I bought for a week now. He really think’s I’ll tell him what the present is. He’s been asking ”What is it?” ”What shape is the present?” and stuff like that to get an idea. ”It’s a box shape” ”It’s a surprise and I know you’re gonna love it” I’d say back. Let’s hope he really does like it ^.^’


For his birthday he got his room done up. I’m dying to see it. I’ll have to get a photo when I do see it. Ok, time to head to work!



Have a super day Anton!



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