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Personal Christmas Gifts



Can you believe it’s only 2 weeks until Christmas?! I am super excited this year. I’ve got everything wrapped and ready to go! I’ve got the boys things that I knew they wanted. I have to say, buying for family was so easy this year since I knew what everyone wanted. What was even better was that I could get most of it online. However, I decided to do something a bit different for my friends this year. I was feeling a bit crafty after seeing a picture while looking up ideas of activities to do with the boys so here we go:


1. Hot chocolate in a jar.


Simple. Get the hot chocolate you want and pour it in a jar. Mix it up by adding a few marshmallows to the top before putting the lid on. Decorate with some ribbon. It’s a small gift but it’s cute.


20141210_180812 20141210_182108

2. Christmas pudding – sweet style.

This is what I wanted to make after seeing a picture online. To make this you will need:

  • 1 Terrys chocolate orange
    A big box of malteasers
    Milk chocolate and white chocolate for melting
    Green ready to roll icing
    Red skittles/smarties/M+Ms


I absolutely loved this idea. It’s so easy to make. OK, when making it:


  • Have grease-proof paper ready to set your sweets on
  • Melt the milk chocolate
  • While it’s melting, unwrap the Terrys chocolate orange and the Malteasers. You need to work fast.
  • Now? Simply dip the malteasers into the melted chocolate and press them onto the Terrys chocolate orange. Make sure to press firmly.
  • Once it’s cooled a bit, roll out a little green icing and shape into holly leaves. It can be a bit tricky but you’ll get there.
  • Get the red skittles/whatever you chose to use ready while you melt a little white chocolate. 3 squares should be enough.
  • Pour the chocolate over the top to and stick on your ‘holly’ and ‘berries’
  • Leave to dry out overnight. Don’t move them as the chocolate might run down and make a mess.



20141211_183739 20141211_191125 20141211_194851 20141211_234204



To complete the gift, I decided to set the pudding in a bowl, set everything on a cake board with a card and wrap with cellophane. Add a bow and you’re done. At first I struggled to make the cellophane look decent but a quick YouTube tutorial sorted that out. If you’re stuck for a present why don’t you try making these. You could bake cookies/shortbread and arrange them on a tray with some tea as well. Mix it up and see what you get.


Byebye (^.^)/


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