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Christmas Centerpiece

Good evening and Merry Christmas everyone! So Sorry that this is unbelievably late compared to when I was planning to post it. I kept forgetting ^.^’


I had wanted some holly this year for a wee change so Dad got me some. I wanted to put some in a vase with flowers but that didn’t work out so I had to rethink. I looked through Google and found some lovely ideas but this one stood out.




Now, I’m no expert so I wasn’t expecting this to work out or look anywhere near as good as the photo I had seen online but I gave it a go anyway. Here’s my results.


20141215_191055 20141215_225728


It would be a lovely centerpiece but it needs to be done that morning as the red from the berries changes the colour of the water pretty quickly. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of time though. It can be done pretty quickly.

Anyway, that’s it. Off to enjoy some pavlova.

Hope you all enjoy your Christmas =]


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