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Personalised Jumper



Another late post today. I’ve a lot of catching up to do. Chris and I went Christmas shopping in Belfast for a whole day the week before Christmas to try to find something for me. We went round so many shops and although I got a few things, there was nothing that I really wanted. Poor guy was exhausted and kept asking if I wanted to go have a cup of tea (an excuse for him to sit down) and kept offering to buy expensive clothes but I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on one piece of clothing when I could find something just as nice elsewhere for half the price. Anyway, Katie just happened to txt during our hot chocolate break saying that Anton needed a Christmas jumper for the next day and that she couldn’t find one for him anywhere. Well, since I was in Belfast I searched for one. I found a Christmassy t shirt in Primark (our last stop before giving up and heading home) so I got it. It wasn’t a jumper but at least it was Christmas themed.


We had parked the car in Castlecourt (took at least half an hour just to get in and find a space)so we had to walk past more shops on the way back. What did I spot in Castlecourt? A kiosk making personalised jumpers! I had to get one for Anton. We had to wait for 15 minutes for it to be finished but it was so worth it. Antons name isn’t common so we can never find anything with his name on it in shops so of course Anton loves his jumper. I even got sent a photo of him in it (and his tshirt) the next morning. When I went with Katie to pick him up from school he came running out straight at me and wrapped himself round my arm, leaping off the ground completely and saying thank you for his jumper and tshirt he loves them all excited. Even now, he keeps wearing it. I’m glad I got him the jumper. Only thing is, we didn’t realise Callum was also having a Christmas jumper day in his school >.< Sorry sweetie, I’ll find you one for next year.


IMG-20141217-WA0004 IMG-20141217-WA0006


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