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Christmas Results

Hey, how was everyone’s Christmas? Mine was pretty good. Good food, spent time with Anton and Callum, got lovely gifts, good day all round. Today I’m just going to quickly show some of what I got. Here we go:




All of that from Chris and there’s still more to arrive. Felt bad that he didn’t have anything to open on the day from me since he had wanted weights and they were already set up in the garage.



From a lovely lady at church.


From a friend =]



Chris’ parents. The jeggings are actually the most comfy thing. I’d been looking at jeans with the acid wash look for a while now so thank goodness I hadn’t bought myself a pair.



From our (online) friend Martin. I didn’t expect that at all. It’s a Fairy Tail beach towel and it will be going on holiday with me in the summer!


20141225_184044 20141225_184211

These are from Katie along with some socks. What makes the jumper extra special is that Anton saw it and said that was what they should get for me because its ”so Natalie”. Seriously such a cutie. Callums a real wee cutie too. He’s so baby-faced its hard to say no to him.


I did get a few other things but everything’s now put away after doing a big clear out and I didn’t fancy getting everything back out. Ok so that’s it for now.







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