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Letters From Santa

Have you ever heard of personalised letters from Santa? I woke up one morning and remembered how we used to get a letter from Santa when we were children (I started to twig on that something wasn’t right when it was on the same paper from our toy typewriters and typed on one of them too. Hey, what a coincidence that Santa just happened to be using the exact same typewriter and design paper as us?!) Anyway, I was going to type one up myself and add a couple of pictures to them before printing and giving to Anton and Callum so I looked through Google for ideas when I saw you could get them on the NSPCC site. All I had to do was put in a name, age, the type of letter I wanted (which you chose from a list and could preview) and click a couple of options and that was it. It took only a few minutes and they were ready to give. I read each letter to the boys and they loved it. It’s a good idea I think as you can put the name of their best friend or a family members name in it and it makes it seem more real for the child. Maybe I’ll do it again next year?




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