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Five Minute Hair



A while ago I did my sisters hair. We were going out with our Dad but she had to go to work straight after so she needed something simple that went by the guidlines of nothing to the side or have any hair down or have loose hairstyles as bits may come down. I wanted to do a plait over the front of her hairline and then a loose bun at the side but then she told me the rules. I thought I would do the same plait but bring it back and wrap it around a ponytail but nope, she didn’t want that either. In the end I settled for a bun, quiff and a plait at each side which I brought back to wrap around the base of the bun. I didn’t tell her she was getting a plait until I was doing it just in case she said no to that as well because we were running out of time. I like this hairstyle and wear it myself if I want something cute but quick to do. I find it handy as well because I have so much hair that taking pieces out to do the plaits allows the hair bobble to go around the bun more easily. Here’s the finished look.





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