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Outfit Ideas

Good morning world. Do you ever look for outfit ideas when you’re bored? I do. I would sit and look through so many pictures on Google images to see if there’s anything I could do to change up my usual outfits or if I could buy something I had seen in a picture to put the outfit together myself. I was looking through photos when I saw something that stood out to me as it was not something I would usually like or wear.


2014-10-14 21.32.30


I’ve never really liked denim shirts but I like how it’s put together in this outfit (middle one). I think I wouldn’t mind wearing it this way. I haven’t bought a denim shirt though. I never know when I might change my mind on it since I don’t usually like them. Other tops that I saw and liked were:


2014-10-20 20.59.23 2014-10-20 21.00.51


I bought the black/grey one but when it got here it looked a bit different and I really don’t like the sleeves on it. As for the other one, it looks nice on the girl in the picture but I think I would look like a granny in it so I didn’t buy it. Chris keeps telling me that I look ‘motherly’ lately and I’m really not sure if that’s a good thing considering I’m not a mother and what his idea of ‘motherly’ is; old fashioned/older. Right now I’m looking for ideas to put my heeled military boots with because I want to wear them more now that I know I can drive in them.


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