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Hairdo For Thick Hair

Good morning. How are you? Today is another hair post. On Christmas Eve we went for a meal to Salt just down the road from us. Being Christmas Eve I dressed up a bit. Make up on and a black dress with some sparkle with my hair down…for about five minutes. My hair has been getting extra thick and fluffy lately and I knew I could not leave the house looking like the wind had blown my hair all over the place so I had to think what could I do to make it look decent quickly. I knew a hair bobble had no chance of going around it without snapping so I was a bit stuck…until I remembered an easy hairdo that doesn’t take long and only needs bobby pins and a clip. Remember how I mentioned in a previous post that I would plait my hair across my hairline and then do a loose side bun? That’s the one. Only, this time I didn’t plait my hair. I just left a little bit of curl down at the front and loosely pinned up the rest. Easy peasy.


20141224_174532 20141224_173550


Sorry about that unflattering angle for a photo but I couldn’t get one in good light at any other angle. This one makes my forehead look bigger >.< Oh and sorry for the blurred picture too but that was all I could get in the time we had before leaving.


P.S: No, that is not a ring from my lovely other half in case you thought I got a suprise at Christmas (that will come eventually I’ve been told). It’s the ring I got for my 21st from my Dad.


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