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Date With Daddy

Good morning! Coming up to Christmas I went on a shopping trip with my Dad and sister to a place called Dobbies in Lisburn. I had never been but my older sister said it was really good so I was excited to go. The whole way there Dad and I were chatting and laughing away and singing songs from the CD. My sister on the other hand was not in a good mood at all. She sat quietly in the back of the car. Once we got to Dobbies and went inside I was dying to take photos of the whole place but I didn’t want to look strange walking round taking photos of everything. I loved how it looked with it’s wooden roof and all the different areas. It seemed more homely than normal shops. I could have spent a fortune that day, especially in the sweet section. I was dying for the bars of rock and the gobstoppers and millions of sweets. Seriously, it’s a good job I didn’t have money with me.


Dad offered to buy us lunch after we had looked around the sweets. The scones and desserts looked pretty expensive so I went for a lovely Christmas dinner as did he and boy it was a big dinner. Plate was piled high. Naomi couldn’t even believe how much we could put away. She said I get my appetite from Dad. I don’t disagree. Him and I were sitting trying to beat each other by eating the most but in the end we both had to give up and not finish so it was a tie. On the table was a small Christmas decoration which I liked. It made me more excited for Christmas.




After eating we looked about a bit more. There were loads of candles including Yankee candles but we didn’t buy any. Outside were plants and then there was a fish and reptile section too. Dad decided to head into Lisburn to look for presents for his wife for a bit afterwards so we looked about for a bit. Dad and I joked about the whole time having a good wee day while my sister was still in a bad mood. Anyway, still on our happy train, Dad and I had a sing along to Christmas songs the whole way home. Eventually Naomi (quietly) joined in although I think it was just to stop us from telling her sing and not be a Grinch. Unflattering photo of me but it was fun.





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