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New Space

Good morning!


Just after Christmas, after our massive clear out, Chris suggested we buy a bookcase for all of my manga as it had been sitting on the top of the wardrobe for years with nowhere else to put it. However, to get one, we would have to get rid of the beside table and desk in the bedroom which I’ve been using to store all my make up, nail polishes, socks etc so we decided to get a set of drawers too. Chris went straight into looking for decently priced furniture online, Ikea of course. Next day we set off (after a lot of me telling him to hurry up and get ready). I love walking round Ikea because there’s so much to see. Chris had wanted to just go and find the two things we were after. Uh huh. As soon as we got to the sofa area he started looking about then wanted to go look at computer chairs and all sorts. Luckily, we found both things we were after pretty easily (as well as little separating boxes for the drawers, some berry scented candles and two things to set the candles on). Best part? The book case was £105 and the drawers were only £85! I think that’s a pretty good deal. Trying to fit the boxes into the car though…not so funny. I had to sit lie with my chair almost fully reclined the whole way home while part of a box sat at my head. At least we got home safely. Once we were home Chris and his Dad set to work building the book case. Unfortunately, the drawers would have to wait until tomorrow so I had to move everything off the bed. On the bright side, my book case was ready and I spent ages putting everything in alphabetical order and can see everything I have now. Here’s the finished book case and drawers:




I’m pretty happy with them and now there’s more floor space too which is nice. What I love about the book case is that there’s enough room to push all of the books back and put another row in front of it so I can keep buying manga for a while yet before I run out of room again.


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