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The Theory of Everything


Chris and I went to see The Theory of Everything a while ago so today I’m doing a review of it. The movie is about Stephen Hawking who was played (very well) by Eddie Redmayne and follows his life as he was diagnosed with ALS – a form of motor neuron disease, meeting a girl and getting married, having children and shows what Hawkings general days were like. I thought the actor did really well portraying how the illness affected the body and there were lots of quirky lines/scenes throughout. Also, the actress who played Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones), the girl who stood by Hawking and married him, took care of him and their children was good at getting sympathy from the audience….until a certain scene made us all hate her. I guess that’s good acting too.

Although the movie was long, it wasn’t one of the movies you could get bored of. Honestly, I didn’t even feel like checking the time once to see how long was left like I usually would in a movie. You get totally sucked into the movie so I’d really recommend watching this movie. Good choice Chris!


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