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Make Up Works Wonders

Good Morning,


While I did my make up for yesterdays date with Chris, I took photos just for fun (and to send to my sister…just because). When I looked back at them though I really thought ”Wow, make up totally changes how people can look in just a few steps (without all the contouring if you want to keep it simple and quick)



Step 1:

Apply concealer to spots/blemishes and dark circles. Doing a more triangle shape for the dark circles makes it work better than just going back and forth under the eye. I use a lot for my eyes (too many late nights)



Step 2 and 3:


Put a little foundation on your finger and cover your face, keeping it light. Next, add a thin line of eyeliner to the top lid only if you have small eyes like I do.









Step 4:

Apply a little mascara, again only to the top lashes. I find that if I try to put mascara on my bottom lashes I look like I have spider legs growing out of my face. Not a good look. Touch up any areas around the eye with foundation. I usually do a little more under my eye. Tip: put your index finger under your eye and blink a few times to get rid of the excess mascara after applying it to reduce the chance of getting black smudges under your eyes.





Step 5 and 6:

Add a light brush of blusher and pick a lipstick/balm with a hint of colour.



My Results:








I know it looks a bit photo shopped or like I used some sort of filter but it’s actually just the angle because it was sunny for a while. I should have done another photo without the sun. Doing my hair made a difference too even though I only added a bit of gel.


Anyway, that’s it for now. Talk soon,


Natalie (^.^)/


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