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April Blogging Challenge.

Hey guys!

I found a blogging challenge yesterday while flicking through blogs which seems like fun so I’m going to give it a go. You can find the list of topics here.

Here’s my first post. Topic: Goals for the month.

Chris and I have started having a ‘daygle’ (how he pronounced day goal once) which we write on our whiteboard or say to each other. It can be ”do the cleaning” or ”watch *anime name*”. Anything goes. Yesterday I was off work so my goal was to get out of bed before 11AM. I know, that’s a really lazy sounding time but I always get up early to drop him off to work so I wanted a good lie in and had a massive head and mouth ache (wisdom teeth are so not fun) so sleeping as long as possible would hopefully get rid of the pain. Did I get up by 11? Yes, at exactly 11AM. Was my head and mouth ache gone? Yup! I was feeling good so it worked out.

While having a ‘daygle’ is good, I think having a goal for the month is also a good idea because it can be a more long term goal than ‘cleaning the car’ (something I need to do more often). Here are my goals for April:

1. Start to do weights.

I was supposed to start in January so that I could look good on holiday but I’ve wasted 3 months now so I need to get myself into gear and start. I’ve 3 months left until the holiday. Surely I could do something in that amount of time that would be useful. I won’t say ”do weights every day” because I know I won’t want to do it all the time when I’m working but even if I could do it 3 or 4 times a week.

2. Finish reading 2 books.

I’ve about…4 books that are partly read and have been left that was for over a year so this month I want to finish them off. I’ve still a whole pile of books that I haven’t read so if I finish these I can start on another book. The reason I’ve written 2 books as my goal is because I know I will read lots of manga (my addiction) and play Harvest Moon on the DS (something else I get addicted to once I start playing) and I don’t think it would work if I said to finish all 4 so I’m making it more realistic.

3. Spend less.

I really need to do this so that I can save more money for spending in Japan. Chris has his spending money ready but me? I’ve only a tiny amount saved for spending so I really need to wise up. I’ve realised that my final pay day before my holiday is actually the day we leave for Japan so really I’ve only this month and next months pay left that I can take money from to get changed into the right currency. Yikes.

4. Make more effort to go to church.

Lately, I’ve been saying to myself ” lets just sleep in instead because I’m tired” and ”the car doesn’t work so I’ll not go” which really needs to stop. The car not working is not an excuse because I used to walk to church and back from this house and house further away for years before I got a car. Instead of saying ”I’m too tired” I should go to bed earlier instead so that I will be able to get up in the mornings. No more excuses.

5. Take better care of my skin.

My skin is always super dry and sore. I’ve been like it since I was born and always had many creams and lotions to put on which I used to do every day, more than once. Lately I’ve found myself getting lazy about it and as a result my skin is super painful and if I sit it feels like my legs are cracking open and having clothes on feels sore against my skin. I think that’s a pretty big sign for me to wise up and take care of my skin.

Maybe at the end of the month I should do a post to see if I have reached all of these goals. Good idea? I think so. What are your goals?


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