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Day Two: Your Current Relationship. If You Are Single, Describe Single Life

Good morning everyone, its day two of the challenge.

This morning I am relaxing because I’m off work. A nice cup of tea at my side and a slice of toast with banana to start my day. Not bad. My car goes in tomorrow to get fixed. I’m hoping nothing else is wrong with it. Renault Meganes are not a trustworthy car. I’ve spent more money getting the car fixed than I did when we bought the car. Why have I not sold it for a better car? I guess I’m attached to it.

Today’s topic is to talk about your current relationship. You all know I’m not single. Haven’t been for a while now. In fact it will be 7 years this month. Not bad for a first relationship.

My friends say that Chris and I are like an old married couple now. Gone are the days of being all shy and nervous not to mention awkward around your partner. I won’t lie, if I look back on those days they were fun but I don’t miss the awkwardness. I guess you could describe our relationship as comfortable but still with some wee suprises. Theres nothing we can’t tell the other. Things like ”OMG I had diahorrea and it was so bad” (Chris) or “I really don’t feel good, I’ve cramps and feel sick” are normal conversations now. We’ve lived together for a few years now (with his family) and are saving for our own house.

Pro’s of living together:

1. You can see the other one as soon as you get home from work

2. Find out things that might annoy you about the other and learn to deal with it

3. Saturday mornings where he makes breakfast/lunch while you sit and watch are pretty nice

4. Take turns to do the dishes and cleaning


1. Tidying up after the other

2. If you argue there’s nowhere to go because you’re in the same house. We don’t really argue though

3. When you’re sitting with your headset on, trying to watch the latest episode of your favourite anime and you can hear him talking over Mumble with his friends and shouting at the game he’s playing. Keep it down plz

Actually, just lately I was reminded of how kind he is. I had to get 2 new tyres for the car and then found out my steering arm was broken. After having it looked at, turns out the steering arm was ok but the steering rack needs replaced. Total cost £330. I had told him and he said he could pay for one tyre since its our car. When I told him about the whole rack needing done his words were ” Don’t worry about the cost and just get the parts you need. I’ll pay for it all.” This guy doesn’t even ever get to drive the car since I use it for my job. He pays to get a train to work 5 days a week while I get to drive about in our car and he said he will pay for it all? I felt bad and he just said ” I’m not having you drive about in a dodgy car.” and that was that. On days where I could be sitting feeling like I look rubbish and my hairs a mess and theres spots on my face he just takes one look and says I look nice with a wee smile (not in a sarcastic way btw). Not to mention when we go out for a meal he pays. Now all I need is a wee ring (also a common conversation these days) 😉

I’ll see you again tomorrow for the next topic.


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