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April Blogging Challenge Day Three: Places You Want to Visit

Good morning.

My car is at the mechanics so hopefully my car will be good as new by this evening. Fingers crossed!

Today’s challenge ties in with a post I wanted to do so it should be easy!

As you know, I will be heading to Japan for 16 days from the end of June-mid July. How exciting. Since it isn’t somewhere I can go whenever I feel like it and there’s so much to do when we’re there I’ve made a list. Here are some of the places I want to go while we are there:

1. Yoyogi Park.

Why? A lot of NicoNicoDouga dance videos are taken there so I’m hoping if I go I will see some of the dancers doing their thing in person. On Sundays there are a lot of bands etc head to yoyogi park so it seems like a fun place to go.

2.Shitamachi Tanabata Matsuri

Tourist Info.
It happens on the week of Tanabata which is July 7. At the weekend, many food stands open and events happen.

0. at Ueno Station
1. walk east (5 min.)  Kappabashi street

Apparently the food at the stalls will be cheap so I can try lots of food for good prices here while watching parades and stuff. I might even write a wish on the paper and tie it up.

3.Senso-ji temple


I want to have a look around and also there’s a shopping street there with lots of cool stuff. I want to try the taiyaki there…and the dango.

4. This place

Everything about it just seems so Japanese that I have to go. No matter what. Oh and there’s lots of food there too.

5. Tokyo Skytree

I know it will most likely be packed but I want to go and see the view from the top. Whether or not I would have the guts to walk on the glass panels is another story.

6. Akihabara

I want to see all the shops for anime and the maid cafés etc.

7. Nakano Broadway

Shopping and the guys will be able to enjoy it too.

That’s all the places I can think of for now. Some of them are all close together so maybe we can spend a day going to a few of the places. We will probably spend a couple of days in Akihabara to see everything as well. Let’s just hope that we have enough money and time to do everything we want to do.

*I found most of these places using Jonelle Patricks site tokyotripguide


6 thoughts on “April Blogging Challenge Day Three: Places You Want to Visit

  1. What about the rainy season? Did you take that into account? It’s rainy season when you go to Japan (Tokyo).
    You won’t see all the shops in Akihabara. Too many 😉 Sensouji looks great, but the stalls aren’t that great. 🙂 Maybe Sensouji to Tokyo Skytree could be a good idea.
    Did you take into consideration the long distance in Tokyo for travelling? Just going through a station can add a bit of time to the travelling time.
    Close to Tokyo I recommend visiting Kamakura. You could also go by train to Enoshima island. But you have to spend a day for it. If I remember the train went from Tokyo 1h to Kamakura.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment.

      I’d forgotten about it being rainy season. I head at the end of June to mid July so I guess we picked a bad time to go. I know I wont get to see all of the shops but I can look around and go there more than one day. I don’t mind if I can’t see them all.

      Yea, their trains are usually pretty packed aren’t they and just getting out of a train station would take some time. I have been talking to the other guys who are going and we are trying to figure out the places we want to go the most and what we could give up on seeing if we had to. At the minute, we still have time to figure everything out. Hopefully our trip will go smoothly.

      Thanks for your suggestions, I will have to look them up and talk to everyone about it and see if we can all agree on going.

      1. I was referring to the time of walking needed in the stations. For example Tokyo Station has over 20 platforms. Make sure to have “extra time” for switching platforms, or to get from your starting place to the platform etc. Btw, wikipedia says Shinjuku station (with the shopping part) has 200 exits. 😀 Wow.

        I admire you try to plan everything ahead. When I was in Japan, most of the time I went to the tourist information by the station and ask for sightseeing suggestions and hotels. 😀

        Have fun!

      2. Oh my goodness does it? I’m glad you told me that or we would have a real shock when we get there. Maybe we will spend time on our first day trying to work out some of the exits….well we will probably have to as soon as we get to Shinjuku station as we are planning to travel from the airport to Shinjuku by train. I’m a little worried about it.
        Thanks. I’m always worried about what could go wrong when I travel so I like to have things planned before I go places. When you were in Japan, did you find many people could speak English? Is there anywhere you would recommend eating. We want to try as many foods as we can. Also, are train tickets expensive? We’re trying to decide if we should try to get a rail pass or not.

      3. I once missed a train because I underestimated the walking time. 😛 It’s better to be too early. 😉
        I wouldn’t go so far as trying the exits, unless you’re adventurous, just paying attention to the exits you use. I didn’t mean to scare you. The exits and signs are well written, in Japanese and English. If you have any directions to the shop saying “take exit …” then take that exit and don’t try another.
        Are you going by Narita Express? I used that. It’s also easy to spot on the signs, with plane symbol. There are other trains going to the airport (slower and cheaper) but it depends on you which you use.
        When I was in Japan, I didn’t bother anybody with English, I was speaking in Japanese. The people in tourist information (on the stations in major cities) should know English. But I saw that some ladies were discussing who will go to the counter to help me (English issues). But I don’t know how well they know English. I talked in English with only two people, who started the talk seeing I was lost.
        I was using the country-wide JR Pass, but I was travelling through many cities for 2 weeks (from Honshu to Kyushu and back). Even in Tokyo I didn’t travel a lot, as I used it as a base for going to Chiba (Game show) or Kamakura (festival). My train/metro/bus rides were up to 250 yen, but I had JR Pass and it was always a short route. Going just 1 train stop by train in Hyogo prefecture was 160 or 180 yen.
        JR Pass might be not that useful in just Tokyo. Well, another option (if you want to ride close to Tokyo) is JR East Pass (but it’s quite short period).The best place to arrange your travels (and see if you need JR Pass) is to use Hyperdia, they have English version. Instead of buying tickets all the time, I used Suica card (prepaid car, I wrote about it on a blog).
        As for the food, I just went to a cheap bar (with samples outside) near Lumine Est (Shinjuku) exit.
        I wrote a bit about my trip to Japan on a blog, you can read that and if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer.

      4. Thanks for the information. It’s handy when you can hear from someone who has been to Japan already. I will have a read of your blog =]

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