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April Blogging Challenge Day Five

Morning everyone. Happy Easter!

Todays topic is: Tell us where you would like to be in 10 years.

Ten years is a long time so a lot can happen. For me, I would like to be married and have a couple of kids by then. Hopefully have a better car and have our house done up to be modern. We have been looking at houses online and have found one close to where we are now but…it needs a lot of work. Whether we should get the house or not, I’m not sure. After we view the house we might have a better idea of whether it’s the house for us or not. I know a lot of work needs done to it but in a way I want the house because the rooms are a good size and there’s a garden. There’s also another reason and its my main thing for where I would like to be in 10 years. I want to have my own daycare and the house is a good size for if I were to do one of the receptions up as a play room. It would be perfect as well because we won’t need 5 bedrooms so one could be made into a nap area/office as well. The kitchen is big with an open plan dining room so there’s definitely enough room to start out as a private childminder using half the house for that and the other half to live in. Right now, I’m working in a daycare and having worked in schools also gives me experience that would work in my favour. I’ve spoken to Chris about this already and he’s supportive about it. He said that if that’s what I want to do then we will really have to consider it and look at what I need to be able to work as a childminder to start (I’ve already looked into that) and talked about how many children I could have to keep the correct ratio/how to advertise and figures.

I know that it would take a while to set it all up and depends on how well it goes but if things go well and more people seem interested I would like to bring in a friend who already has childcare qualifications to help out so that I could double the number of children. It would be tough but eventually I would like to get another property and set up a day care there. There’s still a lot to figure out and it will take years but that is where I would like to be in 10 years. I would have to go back to school again to get a higher level qualification to be able to own my own daycare but for now I have a general idea of the direction I would like to take and that house seems to be a good starting place.

Where would you like to be in 10 years? Feel free to leave a comment below =]

Tomorrows challenge is: Tell us about the TV shows you are currently watching


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