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April Blogging Challenge: Day 9

Good morning, it’s time for another topic in the April Blogging Challenge. Today is a relaxing day. I’m off work so I can sit back with a cup of tea and a book (heading towards my goals for the month) before doing some exercise.

So, today the topic is: How have you changed in the past 2 years? 

For me, two years has gone by so quickly that I can’t even remember what all has happened in that time. Looking back though I guess I can say that I have changed in a few ways.

1. I am more tolerant of teenagers now. In the past I absolutely could not stand teenagers, even though I wasn’t that long out of being one myself. I guess when you work in a shop and see teenagers come in and mess around, ruining all of the work you have spent the past hour doing and then having to listen to said teenagers while you wait for a bus home can make you dislike them. Now, I drive every day and I don’t work in a shop, I work with children (and have worked with teenagers too) so I’ve come to understand them a bit better…and be that bit older and less bothered about how they act because really, I was probably just like them once. Having that bit of distance from them in the sense of not having to stand surrounded my them being giddy and cheeky to people and ruining all of your work helps. I still don’t agree with them messing around in shops and running about acting like they are the best but at the end of the day, they are still kids and making that awkward transition into adulthood so we have to be more tolerant.

2. I achieved my goals. A couple of years back I made a decision to go back to school and get my childcare qualification. I told myself, and others around me that “I will have my childcare qualification and will get a job with kids and leave TKMaxx by this time next year.” I did just that. In fact, I did not just find one job but many jobs working in schools on a temporary basis. I was lucky enough to be able to hop from one job and straight into the next so I wasn’t out of work for a long time. Also, there were two places I wanted to work. One was in a special needs school and the other was a day care that I had heard was really good. Along the way, I worked in a school then just happened to walk in with my CV to the special needs school and was offered a position there on a temporary basis the next day. Knowing that this job was not permanent, I kept looking out for other jobs that might pop up. By then, I had forgotten how I had contacted the owner of the day care I had wanted to work and one day, just happened to receive a call, asking me to come for an interview. Two calls actually and that is where I work now so it all worked out and having worked in many different settings with children, I was able to learn about many different conditions and methods of teaching that I can now use at work.

3. I became the person who is insanely jealous of everyone that I went to school with getting married and having kids even though they may not have been in a relationship for as long as me and stopped being that person. A couple of years ago it was all wishful thinking and dreaming of ‘in a couple of years I would like to get married and have kids’. Soon that turned into a year ago where everyone started getting engaged and having kids and I would pester Chris about when would it be my turn. Even until just recently I was like that but then reality hit. How could we afford a house, a wedding and children at this age. I mean, we are just starting out in our chosen careers. When it’s meant to happen it will happen so I don’t really worry about that any more. I’d rather save our money and be able to live comfortably than rush a wedding and have kids now just because we have been together for 7 years while someone we went to school with got married and had a kid within 4 years then regret not waiting a little while longer until he is also ready for all of that. After all, we did meet when we were just 16 and that’s pretty young. If we had a child now, we wouldn’t get to go on any more stress free holidays for a long time or save to buy a decent house and the wedding we want. These things all take time.

I think that’s pretty much it. I wrote more than what I had planned to. Tomorrow will be a short post. The topic? Top five pet peeves.

See you tomorrow (^.^)/


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