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April Blogging Challenge: Day 10

OK guys, we are ten days into the April blogging challenge. As promised, today I will keep it short. Todays topic is: You top 5 pet peeves.

1. Chris not shutting the door when he leaves the room. If it was shut before you left, shut it again please. To be fair, I am a bit guilty of doing this every now and then too. I’ll have to try harder to make sure I don’t wander off and leave it open.

2. People leaving a mess in my car. If you eat something in my car, take your rubbish with you. I don’t want to be finding crisp packets a week later lying under a seat. If you have muddy feet, please try to get rid of some of it instead of putting your feet all over my car. I know that isn’t always going to be possible so when it isn’t, I’ll have to make sure to clean it off as soon as I can.

3. When people are not on time. If we have arranged a time to meet, please stick to it. It’s common courtesy.

4. Things being moved. Do not set foot in someone elses bedroom. It is their private space, not some room you can play hide and seek with their belongings in. Likewise, don’t go through my things. It is rude and creepy.

5. When I am cooking and someone else comes in to take over then adds all sorts of stuff that you don’t want in the food. I am cooking, if I want help, I will ask. Thank you for wanting to help but I am fine with not having a ton of butter added to my pasta that I have cooked. If you want to help, also please ask first instead of just coming in and doing stuff to the food. If you want something added to the food, do it to your own after it has been put onto a plate instead of adding it to everyones food.

That was an easy one today. I’ve had to remind myself to keep it short instead of going off in a rant. For day 11 the topic is: Tell us positive things about yourself.

If you are taking part, let me know in the comment section so I can keep a look out for your posts. I’d love to read them.


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