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50 Shades: Review

Yes, I did go to see it. I had thought it was going to be awful. The actors just didn’t match my image of the characters from when I read the books. Nevertheless, I gave it a go anyway. I asked my friend to go with me since Chris had no intention of watching it. I didn’t have high hopes when I went in but my friend said she had actually already seen it and was watching it a second time since it was so good so maybe it wouldn’t be that bad?

What I found strange was how there were a couple of old men coming in by themselves and sitting at the back..that and how it was all middle aged couples/groups of loud women coming in. Unfortunately for us, 2 of these groups ended up surrounding us (one in the row behind and the other group right in front of us). However, the group in front of us calmed down once the movie started. The group behind though…they had managed to sneak in some alcohol and sat getting drunk behind us. The comments these women (in their 40’s at least) made during some scenes made me laugh. My friend was absolutely showed listening to them. Some of their comments included ”I’d let him in” ”Oh you should try that with  *partners name* tonight.” to which one responded “Aye, I’ll handcuff him to the bed and head down to the pub” and some Ooo’s and Ahhs. Oh and don’t forget the scene where Ana’s legs had a close up and you could see the blond hairs.  “You’d think she would have shaved for this. Poor guy” and other comments about her.

Overall, the movie was actually really good. It wasn’t like how people would think. The scenes really weren’t that bad and I think both actors did really well considering how corny some of the lines really were when said out loud. I don’t know how they managed to say it out loud with a straight face. I like how Ana was a bit more sassy than in the book. The movie was a lot better than I expected, even though there were a few differences from the book like how Ana’s phone was meant to be a blackberry, not a flip phone but I can live with that. I think hearing the drunk groups comments made the movie more fun.

Would I watch the next movie? Yes. Not a doubt about it. If you want to watch it, go for it.


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