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Day 12 – A Day Off

Good morning. Today in the April Blogging Challenge, the topic is to talk about what you do on a typical day off.

For me, that’s pretty easy. I don’t do anything. Usually, I wake up late, grab something to drink then sit at my computer and catch up on all the latest anime and manga. If I can, I will stay in my pajamas all day with my hair a mess because, you know, I don’t have to be an adult for the day. Keep in mind guys that my day off is a Saturday. I work Monday-Friday as does Chris. Some mornings, we make breakfast/lunch together or one of us will cook while the other sits and chats. I enjoy those mornings because its how we spend time together now that we both work all week. Of course we still see each other when we get home from work but then he would go to the gym as well so he’s super tired when he gets back then there’s not long until we go to sleep. For a while we would try to do something together on our days off but with saving spending money for our holiday and money for a house, we can’t do an awful lot. If the weather is good, I will do the washing and tidy (if I haven’t done it before work on a Friday). I do make plans every now and then but usually, I just relax at the weekends now. Lazy weekends after a busy week are a reward and the only way to make sure you’ve enough energy to run about and be happy during the working week.

OK guys. See you again tomorrow!


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