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Day 13- Hobbies You Wish You Could Have

Good morning everyone. I’m up and ready for the working day. I’ve had a lovely breakfast and no tea. That’s right guys, I haven’t had tea since I was ill a week ago. I just don’t want it. I think this time of year makes it easier to give up tea since the weather is getting warmer. I’ve been wanting salads and fruits lately too. Maybe I’ll be able to shed a few pounds before our upcoming trip to Japan? I can hope.

I’ve been thinking of this topic since I first saw it on the list at the beginning of the challenge. There are so many hobbies I wish I could have, some I just need to learn and others will remain a dream.

1. Play an instrument – I would like to be able to play a piano. We had a keyboard when we were kids which I loved but we could never afford to learn how to play an actual piano. I think it would be a lovely instrument to play.

2. Sew – My friend is great at sewing but when I try it turns out a mess. If I could sew it would come in handy when I’m older if I have children. I’d be able to sew names on uniforms and fix their favourite teddy when it’s arm/ear falls off.

3. Some sort of dancing – I watch people dancing on YouTube all the time and it looks so fun but I think it’s something that would be better to start doing at a young age. I’m not a dancer. I don’t do dancing. Especially in front of others. I’m way too self conscious to do something like that in front of people my age.

What hobbies do you wish you could have?

See you again tomorrow!


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