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Day 14 – Biggest Regret

Good morning everyone. It’s another lovely morning. Weather wise its just OK but I’ve my health, my car is working and I’ve yummy food.

Today the challenge is to talk about your biggest regret. I was going to say that I don’t have any but thinking about it, I wish I had worked harder and saved more money years ago so that I would have more to put towards a house now. I’ve mentioned before that Chris and I are looking around online to find a house for ourselves and we are saving for it. The thing is, I have less money now than I did two years ago when I worked in a shop. I spent it on clothes and things I didn’t really need…as well as important things like the car (and to repair a bump in someone elses car – oops) I realised that if I hadn’t taken a year out and got qualified to work with kids when I was younger, I could have more money by now. Then again, who’s to say that would have definitely happened. I still could have spent money on silly things or may not have found a job in childcare.

My point is, I regret not being more careful with the money I earned because now I can’t put as much money towards a house as I would have liked to. Chris puts way more money towards it (and even pays for all of the cars problems) which makes me feel bad because in a way, I’m whats holding us back. Oh well, at the end of the day I can’t change how I spent my money in the past so I’ll just have to be careful from now on. During my years out of education I learnt about working with the public and met new people, some of who were lovely and we had lots of fun during work. I learnt how to stick up for myself more and take care of myself so it wasn’t all bad.

What’s your biggest regret?

I’ll see you tomorrow!


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