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Day 15- OOTD

Good morning everyone!

I’m loving todays challenge because it’s something that features on my blog. I haven’t done an outfit of the day in a while either so this is a good chance to catch up.

Unfortunately, this isn’t my actual OOTD because I have work today and, honestly, showing my uniform isn’t exactly interesting so this is an outfit from last Friday when the weather was nice. I ended up a bit sunburnt just from being outside for a short while.


Pattern on the arms and along the bottom of the top
Pattern on the arms and along the bottom of the top

I bought the top in NV for £6.99. I got it in a creamy white too. Both are for my holiday as they are nice and loose to let the air go about and keep me cool in the heat. My jeggings are from New Look and I absolutely love them. I can’t remember the price of them but they are so comfy and the light colour gives a bit of a summery feel. My flip flops (sorry I wasn’t wearing them in the photo but I had a minty green nail polish on that was all coming off and that didn’t look very appealing in the photos) are by Jessica Simpson. I got them from TKMaxx for something like £16 but I can’t remember. I love how they have little chains and diamonds on them. The only problem I have with them is when the diamonds come loose and scrape my feet/toes a bit. Ouch. I kept my outfit simple as I was going to be in the car a lot, trying to find someone to fix yet another problem. This one was not caused by me but I’ll talk more about that later.


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