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My Fears/Phobias

Good morning! It’s a lovely Thursday morning and you know what the means? One more day until the weekend. I love Fridays. I mean I bounce into work and am super happy all day. Fridays are celebration days. Why? It means ‘Congratulations you have worked hard all week. Tonight is Chinese night! Tomorrow all the animes come out!” And, I get to lie in the next morning. What’s not to love?!

Todays challenge topic is our fears and phobias. Bit of a nasty one. Nobody wants to think about things that frighten them. Here is my list:

FLYING – Even the thought of getting on a plane is enough to make me cry. I think I’m terrified of flying because I didn’t have much experience of it when I was young. I only went on one school trip where we had to fly. I just find the whole process of getting to the airport and checking in and all way too stressful. I’m always afraid that I have forgotten something or that we wont make it in time to the plane. Then there’s the actual getting on the plane part. Even just to go to England (seriously not even an hour flight) I was shaking so badly and in tears before I even got onto the plane. Just seeing it was enough for me. How am I ever going to survive the flight to Japan? If only I could get something to knock me out and wake up in Japan. I probably could get something actually but I don’t take tablets so…

WATER – I’ve always been afraid of big quantities of water like the sea, especially the sea. I was knocked over by a wave when I was a kid and couldn’t get up. The waves were knocking me about and washed me back up on the beach. Seeing the waves going over my was terrifying. For a while I would be afraid but I could still put my feet in the sea when I was with others. Lately though, even watching a YouTube video where someone was kayaking around an island, I was really nervous just seeing the waves up close. Maybe what makes it worse is the fact that I know if I was to fall into water now I’d be a gonner as I can’t swim. Oh yea, swimming pools freak me out too. Having water that deep around me, even though I can see the bottom is not my thing. It makes me so afraid.

GHOSTS – Things that go bump in the night terrifies me. I hate ghost stories and people telling me scary things that they’ve ‘seen’ and stuff. I have a friend who constantly tries to annoy me by talking about ghosts and flying. I even had to ask him to stop after others had told him. He’s coming to Japan with us too so hes been warned not to say anything while we travel or else I won’t get on the plane. Anyway, back to ghosts. We lived in a few houses when we were kids and I mean they were so creepy. I would not stay in them by myself. There was one house in particular that freaked me out. I always felt like something was in the room watching me. Or in the garage. I refused to go into the garden alone as we had to turn a corner of the house and the garage door was right there. I never knew what I would see if I turned that corner. One time, I was sitting in a room on the computer and the chair was pulled from under me so I fell on the floor and it landed on top of me. Another time, I was lying in bed and I felt something crawling up the bed towards me. At first I thought it was just my pet but then I realised it was already cuddled up with me near my head. There were quite a few things that happened in that house. Just remembering it is giving me the heebie jeebies. Let’s not talk about this anymore.

There is a whole lot of nope in this post. I seriously don’t want to think about any of it any more so I’m going to end this post. Tomorrows is a nice topic. A fun topic for a Friday.

See you tomorrow (^.^)/


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