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Days 20 and 21

Good morning everyone. I’m so sorry I totally forgot to do yesterdays post so today I will do two to make up for it.

Day twenty’s topic was: Something we have learnt this year. We’re only 4 months into the year but we learn something every day. I’ve found some things this year but the one I’m going to share today is that I found out what a superfood is.

Seriously. I had heard about these things called superfoods for a long time and always thought to myself “what on earth is a superfood. What is so special about it? Well, simply put, it’s a food with lots more nutrients and stuff in it than usual. Like tomatoes. Now that I know which foods are really good for you I’m trying to eat more of them. I’ve been having a lot of bananas, spinach leaves and tomatoes lately. I wasn’t sure I’d actually like the spinach leaves but they’re not really strongly flavoured so it’s great.

I have to keep this short and sweet. I haven’t finished getting ready for work yet >.<

Back on track for the challenge. Today our topic is: Your most painful injury. I’m lucky that I haven’t actually ever been injured badly. I’ve never broken a bone Well, apparently I broke a toe years ago but it healed itself without me realising it was broken. It was sore but the pain went away within a couple of days so I didn’t think it’d be broken and it wasn’t super painful. If I had to think of something I would say when I fell down the stairs a few years ago and hit my back. I ended up getting an x-ray on it after squealing the house down in pain. I had damaged some muscle in my back or something. I can’t remember now but they gave me painkillers and sent me on my way. Now, I don’t take tablets but the pain was so bad to sit and walk about to the point where I actually tried to take the tablets. I remember going out to town with Chris and a few friends since it was nice weather (I didn’t want to sit in the house, I wanted to see my boyfriend!) but we walked up the river path and I mean I was in so much pain I wanted to cry. I did everything I could to not cry but ended up slowing down to the point of hardly moving. Chris realised and told everyone else so that I wouldn’t get left behind. I think I got carried for a bit in the end. How embarrassing.

I’ll do my best to write tomorrows topic tomorrow. I’ll have to really remind myself about it. I’ve got a few things I want to chat about after the challenge is over so look forward to it!


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