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Most Watched: YouTube Videos

Good morning.

I’ve done it again with my posts. I forgot to do it yesterday as I was out running about with my car trying to get it sorted before work and was roasted and tired when I got home from work. We’ve had such great weather the past week or so. I should enjoy today though because tomorrow is supposed to be rainy.

Day 22 of the April Blogging Challenge was: What type of YouTube videos do you watch the most often? The type I watch changes quite often. Here’s a list of my most watched videos:

  • NicoNicoDouga dances
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Anime theme songs

Right now, I’m listening to Shokugeki no Souma’s ending theme. But lately I’ve been listening to normal music like this:

Catchy summer tunes since the weathers so good. To be fair though, the amount of time I spend on YouTube has gone down as I have so much anime to catch up on when I get out of work (or have something to watch with Chris on his screen). Right now, YouTube keeps crashing when I try to find a NicoNicoDouga video so I’ll have to try again later.


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