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My Favourite Childhood Memory

Hey, I know it’s getting late but I’m back to do my day 23 on the challenge.  The topic this time is to tell everyone about a childhood memory you are fond of. I think I’ve actually done a post similar to this where I wrote about Christmas as a child. However, tonight I want to tell you about something I used to dream about quite often as a child. To this day, I can still remember the details of the dream.

As a child, I was the youngest and would often argue with my sisters as I was the one who wouldn’t usually hit back. During my dream, if I had a fight with my sisters or if something had bothered me, I would go into the back garden and look up to see this cloud that was pretty low down; the type of cloud you would draw as a child. A door would open and God would be standing there smiling, telling me to come in. Sometimes it was Gods wife who would tell me to come in. I would go up these little cloud steps and into this cloud that was Gods home. Inside it wasn’t very big but it had a really warm atmosphere. There was a little kitchen in the right corner which you could see from the door. God sat in the left corner at the other end of the cloud in a rocking chair beside a small dining table where I would sit and eat mashed potato, beans and sausages (my favourite meal when I was a child). I would spend hours chatting to God while sitting on his knee about anything and everything, particularly what had bothered me. He would read me stories and laugh while his wife cleaned the kitchen after making me the meal, before coming to rest in a chair herself. After a while, it would be time to go back into my own house so I would walk to the door with God, smile and wave goodbye before leaving his cloud house. I didn’t go back down the cloud steps, God would gently lower me to the grass in my garden and send me on my way, watching me as I went back into my house with a smile.

I really love how, as a child, I would turn to God even in my dreams if something had upset me. Little me had such a big love for God and always woke up feeling happy after that dream. I think I remember so much about the dream because of how much significance it had for me as a child and I still am fond of the memory 20 years later. I hope that some day I can raise a child to feel what I felt in my dream in their own everyday lives


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