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Day 29 – Write About Your Job

Good morning my lovelies. Tomorrow is the last day of the April Blogging Challenge. Have you enjoyed reading/taking part? I have enjoyed myself. It was really the push that I needed to write more regularly. I’ll admit that I did schedule some posts as I was off work for Easter and had more time to sit and think about what to write than if I had tried to write something before going to work.

I’m sorry, I know we are almost finished but I can’t write about my job. I work with children so I have to abide by the confidentiality policy to keep them (and myself) safe. Instead, let me just say that I really enjoy my job. Every day is different and fun. There are times when you feel tired when you get home, as you do with any job, but it’s so rewarding to do what I do. I love thinking of activities to do and sometimes try them out with my nephews first to see how they go.

I’ve started thinking about sharing my activity ideas on my blog. If I try something different and interesting with my nephews and it seems like they enjoy it I should take photos as well as if I come up with any fun ways to get children to do chores. Would you like to see activity ideas to do with your children in some of my posts?

I’ll see you tomorrow for our final day of the challenge!


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