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So, We Meet Again

Hey guys,


I’ve been absent for a while now since things were going on. I lost my job at the end of April which left me pretty upset and annoyed but it wasn’t that there was an issue with my work or anything. It just wasn’t possible to keep me on at that moment in time but it was left that I could go back if the plans for the baby unit get the green light. Since then, I had a week of no work and was really panicking about what I would do about money to live on and money to spend in Japan. Not to mention savings for our house. Luckily, I was offered to cover an assistant in a secondary school which I took and got 2 weeks of work out of. That really cheered me up. However, as I was only covering, my work had ended again and so, this week I have been worried about money again…and where I would find work next. As I work with children and mainly in schools, this time of year is difficult since the term will be ending in a few weeks. All week I have been filling in applications for other schools and day cares (while it’s difficult to find work for right now in schools, this is also the time of year new positions are advertised to start in September). I’m really hoping I get one of the jobs I’ve just applied for as they are permanent posts in schools which would give me so much more security.


I know a lot of people might love a week off work, myself included at times but, having a week off and not having a job are so different. During a week off you can relax and do what you want because you know you have to work again the next week. Not having a job to go back to though…I’m not loving the time off. I was going crazy after two days of not working. I don’t know what I’ll do all summer. I’ve been cleaning like mad every day. There isn’t one bit of laundry in sight and no ironing pile. I look for even the tiniest thing I can do just so I actually have something to do in between filling in application forms.


However, as I have been off, I’ve had time to go out places too and have more OOTDs for you along with a book review. I’m planning on scheduling a few posts to make up for not posting in so long. I’ll go get started on them now.


See you later (^.^)/


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