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I went out for breakfast with Dad last weekend for a wee bit of time together. As usual we went to Wee Barneys in town and got a mini-fry. Nothing interesting in that. What is interesting is what we did next…

Dad asked if I had seen the completed log cabin at my uncles house as I had been there while the lake was being made. Well, he took me up to see the cabin and the lake…and we decided to try fishing. Now, while I’m not a real girly girl, I haven’t gone fishing and never had an interest in it. I thought I would try it anyway and actually caught 3 trout. Pretty impressive (even if Dad did have to cast? for me. I think that’s the word). We did put them back but one accidentally landed on stones and then kept floating back up to the top as if it was going to die. Not wanting to be wasteful and since it was going to die anyway, we killed it and I decided to take it home. Hmm, if I wanted to eat it I had to gut it. I’ll admit, in the beginning I was a bit nervous about even touching the fish even though I had rubber gloves on. Chris’ mum and I had a good laugh while I tried to lift it. The fish was so slimy that it kept slipping out of my hand so I had to tip it out of the bag into the sink.

Dear love Chris was working from home and came in to make his lunch only to see me slicing open a fish. After the initial not wanting to touch the fish I had no problem gutting it. I was actually laughing at the state of it and made his mum come and look at the insides before it all came out. Gutting and de-scaling the fish took ages and the smell was stuck to my clothes so I had to shower after but I did manage to get it all cut and cooked half of it with:

  • 4 slices of lemon
  • parsley
  • ground sea salt and black pepper
  • thyme

I think it took about 45 minutes in the oven at 140°C. At first I thought it tasted alright but then I started really thinking about how it was killed and how I had gutted it and ended up not being able to eat the rest of it. I guess it was a bit of a delayed reaction. I guess I learnt that I could gut a fish if need be (and was so happy to actually catch a fish and bring it home. I had the biggest grin on my face). However, I don’t think I’ll be doing it again any time soon.

Here’s some photo’s from the day:

20150525_103327[1] 20150525_103220[1] 20150525_103444[1] 20150525_103440[1]20150525_111345[2]


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