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Shopping Means A New OOTD

Good morning everyone!

Today, I will show you one of my OOTD’s that I’ve been saving. I’ve got a few of these posts to come so keep a look out.

As you know, I head on holiday soon so, before losing my job, I did a little shopping. Ok, I went shopping just after losing my job too because I’ve put on weight so all of my nice clothes don’t fit any more. Seriously, I put a dress on that fitted in January and it wont even do up in the slightest now ;.;

I bought a few loose tops and cropped leggings for something cool and comfy to wear. However, I couldn’t just keep them for my holiday. I had to wear my latest purchase right away. I really love these tops. I bought 3 colours – white, grey and black. They’re longer at the back which I love as it hides your bum if you decide to just wear leggings.

20150506_132006[1] 20150506_132930[1]

Top: Matalan

Jeggings: TKMaxx

Shoes: eBay

The top is a bit see through so I have to wear a camisole under it. It’s just a shame that it leaves a visible line. Oh, and I’ve been sticking to my ‘I will try to wear make up more often’ goal. I’ve worn it almost every day over the past 3 weeks. It really makes me feel like I look a bit nicer. I’ve noticed that I get black under my eyes during the day from either my mascara or eye liner. After putting on mascara I usually put a finger under my eye and blink a few times so that any excess mascara comes off onto my finger instead of onto my face during the day but the black still appears. Does anyone know a way to stop that from happening? If you do please let me know. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Shopping Means A New OOTD

  1. love the white top! your hair is beautiful too 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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