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Fluffy Paint and White Tiles

Good morning everyone.

Just one more week and I will be away to Japan! I can’t believe how close it is already. My suitcase is half packed but I keep changing my mind on what I want to bring (thanks to my weight gain half my clothes don’t fit anymore…yikes). I know I disappeared once again but honestly? I just forgot about my blog. I had scheduled posts but didn’t get very far with them then just…forgot to go and do more.Oh well.

I’ve been working lately so I haven’t been able to spend much time with Anton and Callum. However, on Saturday I babysat them for the whole day. Both boys were so excited to see me so I thought we were going to have a great day. I had ordered some books and paint from The Works but, even though it said next day delivery if you ordered now, the stuff hadn’t arrived. Actually, it still hasn’t. Luckily, I had already bought some other bits and pieces to play with. I had talked with them about making fluffy paint a while ago and thought Saturday would be a good time to try it out.

I brought over a 20 metre roll of paper to draw on. However, my sister has white tiles in the kitchen so I had to put something down under the paper. There weren’t any old newspapers hanging about so I ripped apart an Argos book, taped all of the pages together and covered the floor which took forever. It didn’t help when Callum kept being a pest and coming in and walking over it/ripping it as I had told him not to touch it while I worked on it. What a wee rascal.

Once everything was ready (and after a bit of hinting to get a move on from Anton), both boys came and sat at the table while I showed them how to make fluffy paint. Anton listened really well and did exactly what he was told, mixing the paint perfectly. Callum…well, he told me his listening ears had run away from him. i told him I need them back and he pretended to catch them and then listened. He did sit and mix the yellow tub for a bit before putting his hands in it and playing in it instead. At least he was enjoying the sensory side to it.

To make fluffy paint you need:

  • shaving foam – if it’s gel it won’t work
  • different colours of paints
  • tubs
  • paint brushes

Spray some shaving foam into a tub and squeeze in some paint. Mix it up and tada. You might want to add more paint as the foam lightens the paint colour. We made: blue, green, yellow, red and orange fluffy paint and used different types of paint brushes. To make the fluffiness work, you have to blob/blot the paper with the paint.

Anton painted his name for about 5 minute before saying he was done and washing his hands. Callum on the other hand played for ages. Once he was bored with just painting it he got up to wash his hands and once he was back he realised the he actually had some between his toes. Only minutes later I saw him sitting on the ground painting his feet! He happily ran up and down the paper for ages singing What Does a Fox Say? and making up different noises each time. However, he then decided to walk on the tiles! I had to grab him and carrying him to the bathroom, put his feet in the sink to rinse off any paint. Of course this continued a few times. At one point I had left to check on Anton in the next room. Anton just happened to get up and walk into the hall. What did he see? Callum standing in the hall. What did Callum say? He wanted to go upstairs…with painted feet. Did he realise his feet were painted? Of course. You should have seen the cheeky look on his face as he slowly looked at me and lifted a foot towards the stairs. The newly carpeted stairs. “Danger!” shouted Anton. I scooped Callum up and went straight to wash his feet..again. In the end the paintings had to go in the bin as Callum had run up and down them that much that they ripped. There’s more paper so we can do it again sometime. Outside.

20150620_122912[1]20150620_135957[1] 20150620_135944[1] 20150620_135941[1]  20150620_131021[1]

I’ve left the paints and shaving foam at my sisters house so that the boys have something to do during the summer break (school ends this week!) I’ll have to find more activities for them over the summer.


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