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Dressing Up In Style

Good morning!

A few weeks ago Chris asked me to get him a nice blazer if I saw one as well as shorts for our holiday…and some casual clothes if I see anything nice. With his card. Now that’s my kind of shopping. I went into Topman and found a lovely blazer section. My only problem was that I didn’t understand the size guide. Whats 38 in a blazer size? Aren’t mens clothes usually just sized S, M, L, XL? Even the girl at the counter didn’t know so we just guessed. However, the blazer was a little tight when Chris tried it on. It was the biggest one in the shop.Turns out the largest that I had bought was only a medium. Why can’t sizes just be easy to understand? Luckily, Topman over in Rushmere had a larger size. While there, I also found a pair of suede shoes in his size so I added them to my shopping. Only a day or so later I also found navy skinny jeans to complete the look. This style is something completely different to what Chris would usually wear but its such a nice outfit. He looks really good in it. It’s actually like an outfit that would be on a mannequin in a shop.

20150527_164044[1] 20150527_212358[1] 20150527_212316[1]

Note: the jeans he’s wearing in the photo are not the jeans I bought. I don’t have a photo of the whole outfit now. I’ll try to get one some time and add it to this post.

Chris wore this outfit the other night when we went on a date. How cute.

Talk soon!


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