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Jurassic World


Chris and I went on a date last weekend to see Jurassic World. I was expecting to be scared since I was a bit afraid of the old Jurassic Park movies (I was younger at the time but I’m a big chicken now) but I loved it!

I liked Chris Pratt. He’s a funny guy. The movie itself had some funny moments in between people being eaten by a giant dinosaur which was good. I loved the little Raptors. Blue you cute wee man eating pet. I actually sat all tensed up the whole time the movie was on. I was sitting thinking “oh my goodness you’re about to be eaten, move, hide!” and was all sad at the end (can’t tell you what part in case I spoil it.

Actually, I will put it at the bottom of this blog so be warned. Spoiler on the way

I looked over to Chris at one point and he was making the same sad face as me. You know how you usually hear one or two people talking during a movie? Well, we were in the biggest cinema room and nobody was speaking. That’s how good the movie is. You have to go and watch it. At the end we also get to see the dinosaur from the original Jurassic World. How do we know it’s that dinosaur? If you pay attention, you can see the old scar from its last big fight.

Ok, that’s all for now. Just had to tell you all to go and watch Jurassic World.


So, why was I sad? Blue and the other Raptors came to save Owen who had trained them but some got killed trying to fit the dinosaur and the one that survived looked at Owen to see if it was ok to go home with him but Owen had to shake his head no. Seeing it run down the empty amusement park to find the dinosaur who Claire set loose to kill the bad one was so sad. I could have cried for it. 


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