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Melted Crayon Art

Hey everyone,

I’ve been seeing this melted crayon art stuff a lot lately. I was curious so we gave it a go. By we I mean Anton, Callum and I. I didn’t have a glue gun so I cellotaped the crayons to the canvas. Good idea? Not really, they slipped out after a while. Anton wasn’t a fan of the noise from the hairdryer so he went into the living room. Callum pretended to dislike the noise right before he sat down beside me with it. What a rascal. One thing I couldn’t understand while we tried this out was, how on earth do people manage to get straight lines from melted crayons? Our crayons went everywhere while they melted. Once we were finished, I showed Anton and asked what he thought of it. What did he say? “It looks messy.” Obviously unimpressed. Well, at least we tried. Maybe we can do something similar in the future. I’m thinking we should make chalk ice cubes and play with them outside when the weather is dry again. Apparently, its messy, cold, fun and the colours get brighter so it will be worth a go.

20150620_132745[1] 20150620_135339[1]

P.S – Anton now loves this and takes it to bed with him and stares at it for ages during the day.


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