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Favourite Animes of the Season: Arslan Senki

Hey guys

Right now I’m missing out on watching some of my favourite animes of the season since I’m in Japan but, to be fair, I’m most likely looking about Akihabara and stuff and seeing anime things all around me so I won’t complain. I can catch up when I get back ^.^’

Today I’ll start a round up of my favourites. I’ll post these over a few days so keep a look out.

1. Arslan Senki

So, whats the story? Basically, a prince who isn’t very ‘princely’ goes out to battle for the first time and his army is almost wiped out, his dad the King is captured and Arslan escaped thanks to the help of his servant Daryun. All of this happened because of Kharlan, a general who committed treason. Now, the Queen is being held captive and the captial, Ecbatana has been taken over by Lusitanian forces. Arslan and Daryun have managed to get help from Narsus, a super smart and cunning tactician who once worked for Arslans Dad. Soon, two more people join their party and are trying to find a way to take back the Ecbatana. However, who is the rightful heir? General Silvermask who is leading the forces (and who Kharlan joined forces with before his death) and claims to be the rightful heir as he is the previous Kings son, or Arslan, the current Kings son? How will it end?

I feel like this is similar to Akatsuki No Yona (last seasons favourite) so I think it will end the same way as that one. I might be suprised but we will have to wait and see.

On a side note, I love the opening and endings. I won’t skip either song and sing along every time it’s on.


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