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Round Up of my Favourite Animes: Owari No Seraph

Good morning everyone.

Today is day 2 of a round up of my favourite animes. Today I’m posting about Owari No Seraph.

Once upon a time there were humans and vampires. One day, vampires decided to invade and capture all human children. Well, some were captured others killed. Why? A virus was causing humans over a certain age to die. Vampires would have no food if they didn’t take some to ‘keep them safe from harm’. Among the children was a group of children from an orphanage. Mika being the oldest wanted to do what he could for his family so willingly went to a noble vampires place and had his blood sucked, stealing a map and the vampires gun in return. One night, the family decided to escape. However, just as they were approaching the exit, the noble vampire showed up. Of course he had known what was going on the whole time and thought it was a fun game. Long story short, he killed all of the children bar one. Yūichirō. Yūichirō is a fiesty guy and shoots the vampire for killing his family that came to mean so much to him in the short time they were together. He was traumatised seeing their deaths and blames himself for running away and leaving them all. Now, he is hell bent on revenge and joins the moon demon company, obtaining a cursed weapon – Asuramaru. He gains a new ‘family’ in this moon demon company (his team) and together they begin the fight against the vampires. However, the nobles are out in full force and pretty much ruin the humans fighting them. Yūichirō takes this pill that is meant to help him ‘activate’ more demon power from Asuramaru but guess what? Turns out he isn’t fully human and whatever it is inside him goes nuts. Oh and don’t forget this little twist. Mika was saved on the verge of death by the vampire Queen and is now a vampire who believes Yūichirō is being used and wants to save him from the humans. They meet in battle only when Yūichirō sticks his sword through Mika to save the commander…before realising it’s Mika. Now, they know each other is alive and on opposing sides. What will happen? Will Mika kill the humans to save Yūichirō? Will Yūichirō try to save Mika from the vampires or will he also kill him? What is the thing inside Yūichirō? I can’t wait to find out. Oh and don’t forget, Mahiru Hīragi. You’ll be having a great time finding more out about her. Interesting stuff.

On a side note, I love the opening and endings. Always a plus.


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