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Favourite Animes: Shokugeki No Soma


Continuing with my favourite animes of the season, today I will be posting about Shokugeki No Soma.

Sōma Yukihira has been working in his Dads small restaurant since he was a young boy, learning the tricks of the trade and loving cooking. He had competitions with his Dad over who made the best dish which a customer would judge. One day he got a call from his whimsical Dad. He had decided to temporarily close the restaurant and go on a journey, had gotten Sōma into a famous cooking school and said he would leave some money to cover expenses. The school just happens to be the most famous and hardest school to complete with 99% failure rate. There, on his first day he pretty much makes an enemy of the entire student body by saying he will be the number 1 chef. However, he does make some friends at the dorm he is staying in and learns a bit more about the school. Within a short time he takes part in his first Shokugeki and wins. Now, he’s at a training camp where a lot of students will be expelled. As he tries, one of his friends get failed and was told she would be leaving. Soma being a man, steps in and challenges, get this, an alumni of the school who just so happens to be a famous chef in Paris. Really? That’s some guts. Obviously they fail the shokugeki. However, in a twist of fate, someone starts the ball rolling by putting a silver coin on their plate meaning one vote for them to win. He also gives a coin to another alumni who places her coin down. Now, it’s 2 coins to 3. Finally, he does this speech to the man who was challenged and the chef actually puts his coin on Soma and his friends plate meaning the shokugeki ends in a tie and the students can stay. What a close call. Well, it wouldn’t be interesting if that didn’t happen. Since it ended in a draw does it mean his cooking is on par with a professional? Will he become the number 1 chef in the school? Exciting times are ahead!

In the beginning I wasn’t fond of the anime due to the amount of ‘reaction to food’ scenes. They were so overdone and…silly. Now, that seems to be toned down a lot and focuses more on the story which is great. Again, I love the opening and ending.


One thought on “Favourite Animes: Shokugeki No Soma

  1. …After I watched this anime, I got many things from it, hungry, ec*** and etc. That’s why I selected interesting menu in this anime in my post, let’s discuss together about inspiring dishes of “Food Wars!” that might catch people’s eye (in anime and manga)

    – Which dishes that will CATCH your eyes?

    – Or do you have other inspiring dishes in your mind?

    Warning: please don’t proceed this in nighttime, or else you will be hungry.

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