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Good morning everyone.

How are you feeling? I hope everyone is well.

Akihabara was a must see for everyone so we went pretty early on into the trip. Actually, we went a couple of times. Once there we were met with high buildings, crowds of people and maids trying to entice people into their cafe behind the SEGA arcade. we spent time in the arcade before walking round for a while and looking around many manga stores. I couldn’t believe there were 12 story shops just for manga. We easily spent hours in there. The guys are all into figures so we spent a good while in an exhibit, losing one another every now and then but enjoying the air conditioned building. There was everything from keyrings to life sized models of things and even an area just for cosplay outfit and accessories. I spent the most time in that area looking at all of the wigs and make up etc. I didn’t buy anything, I just thought it was interesting. I also went into a department store where I saw nail painting. I would have liked to do it but I was afraid to since I couldn’t converse in Japanese to say what I wanted or anything so I thought it would just be too awkward. For that same reason we also didn’t visit the maid cafe even though one had said “Master, I am waiting for you” to Chris…which we all made jokes along with some of the funny activities from maid cafes that we saw on YouTube. Maybe its better that we didn’t go as I doubt the guys could have kept a straight face the whole time.  One thing that shocked me about Akihabara was the amount of ‘adult goods’ stores there were and how huge their signs were…and how people could just walk in and out including men by themselves. I don’t think we would see men casually walking into the likes of Ann Summers over here. They’d be more likely to walk past a dozen times, afraid to enter. We went back to Akihabara a few times during our trip. One morning we went for the Gundam café. Inside was really well done up but the food was just…average.



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