New Name, New Style, New Me

Good evening,

After a long break from blogging I’ve decided to restyle my space here and get back into posting. I had left my blog behind over the past 10 or so months to focus on what was going on in my life. I felt that the blog was becoming less like me as it was more cutesy and childlike, something I cannot get away with now that I am mid twenties. Over the next few weeks I will be figuring out how to store all my old posts in one area and upload new, more adult like posts focusing on my home, cooking and events/mini-breaks and the like. Along with my changes I will no longer write about my work life. I feel it is important to keep that private and separate from my daily life that I will share with you. I hope you can understand my reasons for this.

Through changing my blog I hope you will see a more grown up side of me and that I can connect with more people. If there is anything you would like to see on my new blog, I would be happy to listen to your ideas.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll write again soon



4 thoughts on “New Name, New Style, New Me

    1. No problem! Christmas will be a big event this year since it’s our first Christmas in our own home so expect some posts on decorations and Christmas cooking! I’ll add my caramel square and raspberry and white chocolate scone recipes along with a few meals I’ve been making lately. As for the bows, I’ll give them another go, maybe Emily could model for me? I’ll look into tutu making and see how that goes. Thanks for your suggestions x

  1. Through The Lens, I love it. I enjoy crafts although suck at it so I’m hoping that you would post DIY on a regular basis, thank you.

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