Hi and welcome to my blog.

I began writing here as a teenager, posting about things I enjoyed at the time or things I found cute. I wrote about my adventures while I found a job in childcare and the struggles of actually finding permanent positions and giving up. Now I’m a twenty-something full time employee in a great job that is interesting. I’m a tea addict, budding baker and daydreamer that has a bit of a thing for pink hair (if only I could have a fully pink head of hair!) I’ve grown up a lot while writing so I have changed my blogs design and name to show that. My old posts are still floating around on here but I will be focusing on more home, cooking and the likes. My blog is a place full of memories and I hope you will enjoy having a look through it.





10 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog is super interesting and not to mention super cute<3
    After I saw my friend reading a manga and asked if I could look at it, it just grew from there. Two years later, I'm more obsessed than her.
    So I think we have something in common ^-^

    1. Thanks ^.^

      Manga is the best! What’s your favourite? What was the first manga you read? I get so excited when someone else reads manga because it means I have someone to talk to about it =D Thanks for following my blog ❤

      1. You’re welcome!~~~

        I think the first one I read was Iris Zero^^
        When I look back, I don’t think it was that good, but it was the first one I ever read so it basically seemed like magic at that time^^
        After that, I read lots and lots of mangas so I don’t remember all, but my favorite so far is defenetly Dengeki Daisy! It’s just the cutest<3

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